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How does it works?

Let us introduce Cristina and Samuel. They both love to take photos. And they both take the most beautiful photos of the most beautiful flowers they can find.

Cristine is taking a picture of the flower. Samuel is taking a picture of the flower.
Cristine is uploading a photo of the plant. Samuel is uploading a photo of the plant.

Cristine and Samuel love uploading their amazing photos to the Stock photos sites. But there's a catch. Cristine uploads her pictures to the Green Stock site, Samuel to the Blue Stock site.

Now let's introduce another interesting person. Emily makes educational videos about nature and uses many source images from Stock sites.

Emily is looking for Stock Images Emily is looking for Stock Images Emily is looking for Stock Images

When it's time to find new materials for the next video, Emily has to browse through many Stock sites, which takes up a lot of her time that could be used much better.

But Emily discovered Stock Finder. Emily can now search many stock sites at once, knows the exact price of images and their licenses, and saves herself a lot of time. She'll find pictures from Cristina as well as Samuel.

Emily is using Stock Finder.

Be like Emily. Save yourself a lot of time and use Stock Finder.

About Stock Finder

How does Stock Finder work in short?

With Stock Finder, you can search through many sites that offer stock images - images that you can use to create your project, whether it's a video or a website.

Stock Finder will therefore help you save a lot of time.

Which Stock sites does Stock Finder currently connect?

We are currently connecting Pixabay, Unsplash and Pexels. But we have more coming in the future!

Can I set image properties for the search (e.g. orientation)?

Currently, you can only set the Stock pages from which you want to load data and the resolution of the preview images in the overview. You can do this via the gear on the top right when searching. Your settings are remembered for the duration of the session.

Can I download photos directly from Stock Finder?

No, Stock Finder does not currently have this feature. Stock Finder will only redirect you to the Stock site.

Can I upload my photos to Stock Finder?

No, Stock Finder does not currently have this feature.

Does Stock Finder have its own API?

Stock Finder has an internal API that is ready for expansion, but it is not currently publicly available.

Who is behind the project?

This project was created as a topic of the SW development club at the high school SPŠE Pardubice, Czech Republic under the leadership of Ing. Libor Bajer. Development primarily by Karel Čermák, other activities by Ivo Tafra, Jiří Kolář, Jan Freiberk.

I would like to contact/support you, how can I do this?

You can email us at

Privacy Policy etc. can be found here:

If you want to support us, you can do so via Bitcoin/ Litecoin/ Ethereum. Thank you for your support! ❤

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